Snow Leopard of the Western Sayan to hit the shelves

Snow Leopard of the Western Sayan to hit the shelves

28 August 2013

The Snow Leopard of the Western Sayan, a popular science book on the conservation of snow leopards in Russia, is coming out in early September. The book was ordered by the Sayano-Shushensky state nature reserve and is being published with the support of the Russian Geographical Society. The book was written by Sergei Istomov, a senior research fellow at the nature reserve, in collaboration with his colleagues at the departments of science and environmental education, travel and recreation in the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve.


For the first time, snow leopard data accumulated over the course of recent years in the study of the South Siberian population of this rare species has been brought together in this book. The narrative is illustrated by photos taken of the leopards in the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve by the staff and partners, as well as by trail cameras. A whole chapter in the book is focused on the passports of snow leopards populating the reserve. The passports indicate the individual characteristics of each animal, while the chapter also gives the history of animal registration in protected areas.


“In The Snow Leopard of the Western Sayan, Sergei Istomov and his colleagues also try to explain where snow leopards migrate to and why. It was to find out their migration patterns that the snow leopards were tagged with satellite GPS transmitters. The devices tracked movements and activity of the animals around the clock in order to identify the specific areas they travel to and the form in which their migration takes. The book is well illustrated and documents all the physiographic characteristics of the area, as well as the research methods used, which include satellite tracking and trail study,” the press service of the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve reports.


The main aim of the book is to draw attention to snow leopard conservation and to propose ways of improving the situation. The Snow Leopard of the Western Sayan is intended for a wide readership and is a good introduction to the life of this mysterious wild feline. It also highlights the importance of nature reserves in preserving the Earth’s biological diversity.