Second onsite workshop for state inspectors held at the Khakassky Reserve

Second onsite workshop for state inspectors held at the Khakassky Reserve

16 August 2013

On August 8-12, a training field seminar was held at the Khakassky Reserve near Itkul Lake. The workshop was conducted for state inspectors of protected natural areas. Staff of the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve, the Altaisky Reserve, the Khakassky Reserve, Stolby, the Central Siberian Reserve, Shorsky National Park, Shushensky Bor National Park and the administration of the Tyva protected natural area took part in the workshop.


This year the classes included both theory and practice. During the theoretical part, the use of service weapons, special measures, and physical force against violators by state inspectors, as well as rules for initiating administrative penalty proceedings were discussed. The participants learned the guidelines for stopping the vehicles of violators. They also learned about the prosecutorial oversight of officials in protected natural areas and about environmental protection laws in general.


During the workshops, state inspectors were taught to work with photo traps, maps and GPS navigation devices. Also, visits to the reserve’s  areas bordering on the resort area of Shirinsky District have been organised. All participants in the seminar had the opportunity to practice skills used in uncovering and registering administrative violations.


The next workshop will be held in summer 2014. According to the inspectors, its agenda will include lectures on psychology, and on providing emergency aid. More hours will be spent on individual training on arresting violators and making administrative protocols for environmental violations.