Summer phase of Snow Leopard Programme completed

Summer phase of Snow Leopard Programme completed

24 August 2011

The summer phase of the comprehensive Snow Leopard Programme was concluded in southern Siberia in mid-July. Camera traps captured more than 100 new images in the course of three weeks. These images will allow researchers to more precisely identify the animals in the area. For the first time at Tsagaan Shibetu, photos were taken of the female leopard Ieshkiler, her two cubs and the male leopard Shokar. Kara-Kuduruk, however, was not photographed by the camera traps this time.


Researchers also began to study and monitor snow leopards in the mountainous area of the Mongun Taiga. There, near one of the marked rocks, an adult male leopard was photographed. Cameras captured multiple images of the animal from various angles, making it easier to identify it in the future. Zoologists also noticed its distinguishing feature, a torn ear. The animal is estimated to be 7-8 years old.


Camera traps recorded for the first time the Altai wild sheep, roe deer, and goats – the usual prey of snow leopards. Poachers were also photographed at Ubsunurskaya Hollow. The Reserve Security Services are using the photos to identify the poachers.


Researchers also took fecal samples of snow leopards to determine the animals' feeding habits. The Snow Leopard Programme expedition will continue its work through the fall of 2011.