Scientists gather new data on snow leopards

Scientists gather new data on snow leopards

18 July 2011

On July 13, 2011, another stage in the snow leopard research programme has concluded in South Siberia. Over the three weeks during which research work was carried out, camera traps captured new images that help identify the animals living in the study area more precisely.


Over 100 new images of snow leopards have been taken. The adult female Ieshkiler was identified with her two cubs in the Tsagan-Shibetu mountain range for the first time. An adult male, Shokar was also identified. An adult male snow leopard was also observed on Bolshaya Mongun Taiga (part of the Mongun Taiga mountain range). Numerous images show the animal from various angles, meaning that in future it will be easier to identify.


For the first time in the course of the expedition, the camera traps captured Argali (wild mountain sheep), Siberian Roe Deer, badgers and wolves. As before, they often catch glimpses of snowcocks, foxes and wild mountain goats. The camera traps also show poachers hunting in the protected area of the Ubsunur Hollow Biosphere Reserve. This information will be used by the reserve security team.


In addition to camera trap data, the scientists also collected samples of snow leopard faeces. They will be used in molecular and genetic, parasitological and hormonal analyses and to establish the predator's diet.