Progress made in snow leopard research

Progress made in snow leopard research

29 May 2011

In Southern Siberia on April 25-May 24, 2011 another stage of the comprehensive research programmes to study and monitor the snow leopards was completed. This research was conducted under the Snow Leopard Programme in the Sayano-Shushenskoye State Nature Reserve.


Researchers tracked the snow leopards' movement and took scat and fur samples. All samples collected will be taken back to the lab where they will undergo DNA tests.


Expedition members also took a head-count of the goats present in the area, as they form the bulk of the snow leopards' prey. Researchers noticed that, unusually for this time of year, the numbers of the animals in the Nature Reserve were very low. The weather in Southern Siberia has unfortunately been unfavourably hot. Due to these abnormally high temperatures and accompanying drought, vegetation is sparse. Mountain goats, which feed on plants and shrubbery, starve. Researchers however hope that this will not impact the snow leopard population.


The Snow Leopard Programme expedition will continue its work throughout the summer.