Vladimir Putin visits oceanarium in Far East

Vladimir Putin visits oceanarium in Far East

8 September 2011

Vladimir Putin visited the construction site of the Primorye oceanarium where white whales will be on display.

Andrei Adrianov, the head of the Institute of Marine Biology at the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, informed Vladimir Putin that the oceanarium will be used for research development and education, and provide opportunities to all those interested in learning more about the ocean fauna.

"Jointly with the university, we have already planned a large-scale project to create a biotechnology park," Adrianov said. "We will perfect rare invertebrate fish farming and seek new aqua-farming opportunities."

"Will you have fish here from all over the world?" Putin asked.

The researcher replied that sea animals from five oceans will be on display at the oceanarium. The oceanarium will include 700 aquariums (200 large aquariums).



The largest aquarium's capacity will be 7,000 cubic meters of water.

"Such an amazing tank capacity will allow us to display the largest sea inhabitants, including sharks and white whales," Adrianov said.

The researcher spoke about the project's uniqueness. The main building near the bay is designed to look like a giant shell.

"I know, I was the one who selected it," the Vladimir Putin said.

Putin personally approved the oceanarium project.



After touring the facilities, Adrianov presented Vladimir Putin with a poster of a white whale and a documentary film about underwater life, which will be used for educational purposes and further research.