Another Land of the Leopard inhabitant gets a unique name

Another Land of the Leopard inhabitant gets a unique name

16 May 2022

A new Leopard Keeper, the staff of the newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti, got the opportunity to name a spotted predator. For 10 years, the local newspaper has been helping Land of the Leopard to educate the public about the environment. The newspaper staff decided to name Leo 82F, a female Far Eastern leopard, Vesta after the Roman goddess and patroness of the family home.


Now Vesta the leopard is entering her prime. The active predator lives in the central part of the national park and is about six years old. Scientists have been watching her since 2017, when a trail camera first captured images of the one-year-old juvenile. 


 "Vesta is not only the name of the ancient Roman goddess of hearth and family; it also sounds like the Russian word ‘vesti’ (‘news’). We will wait with high hopes for good news from this female leopard, for the birth of new cubs, procreation and further growth of the population of these rare animals. This perfectly aligns with the objective of the national park, whose employees have already achieved incredible results – the leopard population has more than tripled. Let Vesta help increase the population figures and good news about the unique nature of southern Primorye Territory appear on the pages of our newspaper," noted Svetlana Irshenko, editor-in-chief of Khasanskiye Vesti.


The national park runs the exclusive Leopard Keepers programme. It gives a person or organisation that contributed to nature conservation the opportunity to become a "godparent" to the world's rarest large cat. Keepers choose a name for a leopard and receive photo and video materials of it in the future.