Another Far Eastern leopard receives name

Another Far Eastern leopard receives name

16 November 2021

Another of the 110 Far Eastern leopards inhabiting Land of the Leopard National Park, has been given a name as part of the Leopard Keeper programme. One of the world’s rarest big cats, a male leopard registered under No Leo 111M, was named Triumph. Moscow resident Olga Solomakha got the unique opportunity to adopt the leopard and give him a name.


“I decided to give the leopard an unusual and striking name that suits such a charismatic animal. The magnificent leopards are the real triumph of life, freedom and a result of people’s hard work. I hope that this strong name will protect and support not only Leo 111M, but all those who take part in the preservation and protection of our nature,” Olga Solomakha said.


Triumph the leopard is about four years old. Given the big number of photos taken by the national park’s camera traps, it is a very active leopard.


Among the Leopard Keeper programme participants are Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergei Ivanov, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev, film actress and model Pamela Anderson, TV host Nikolai Drozdov, Gazprombank, Rosatom state corporation, and others.