Photographers capture images of rare leopards in the Primorye Territory

Photographers capture images of rare leopards in the Primorye Territory

18 March 2021

Three photographers recently got a chance to take pictures of Far Eastern leopards in Land of the Leopard National Park thanks to professional photo hides. Each photographer spent several days in the hides waiting for the endangered feline to appear. In the end, they all managed to photograph these rare animals.


“The trip was a success! Two days of shooting with wonderful light. I saw Typhoon, also known as Leo 12M, daily. A female also came by night. Taiga or Bary? I don’t know. I didn’t get any autographs,” said photographer Sergei Timofeyev.


“I flew down to Primorye hoping to see a Far Eastern leopard, and I got lucky. I photographed this rare animal listed in the Red Data Book twice during the day,” added photographer Svetlana Gorbatykh. 


Photo hides make it possible to wait for predators without disturbing them. They have many portholes for cameras as well as all the necessities to comfortably spend several days there.


“The accommodation is excellent, especially for being in the wild. I had a wonderful experience during my three-day-long stay. I am very grateful to have had the chance to feel like a part of nature. I believe everyone will be moved by the leopard photos that I took,” said photographer Yulia Voronina.


Land of the Leopard has a network of eight photo hides built with the support of the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation and the Presidential Grants Foundation.