Land of the Leopard is making a film on rare cat conservation

Land of the Leopard is making a film on rare cat conservation

21 February 2020

Mosfilm studios is working on editing, adding voice-over and recording the music for the film Land of the Leopard or the Human Phenomenon. The film is about the history of preserving one of the rarest cats on the planet – the Far Eastern leopard – in the Primorye Territory.


“The Far Eastern leopard population has considerably grown, and now we as well as the entire environmental community understand that our efforts were a success. The film is dedicated to this big project and the people who took part in it, to Sergei Ivanov, who oversees the project every day. We have big goals, and one of them is to tell the world about our achievements,” said Yelena Gangalo, general director of the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation.


The Far Eastern Leopards organisation initiated the making of a full-length film about Land of the Leopard National Park. The film, conceived by Russian film director Alexander Melnik, was shot in the Primorye Territory and Moscow.  


The script is based on Timaeus, Plato’s well-known dialogue about Atlantis, which perished because people lost their virtue in the pursuit of wealth.


“The picture has both a philosophical and an artistic component. And when it comes to the existence of an entire species, then, no doubt, we are obliged to conserve it,” noted film director Alexander Melnik.


The film about Far Eastern leopard conservation will premiere in 2020.