Land of the Leopard researchers discover one of the most popular marking spots

Land of the Leopard researchers discover one of the most popular marking spots

21 December 2018

A camera trap at Vorontsov Land of the Leopard National Park has captured four Far Eastern leopards at the same marking spot just a few days apart. Among them were Manchur the leopard, the leopardess Leo 39F (they communicated using their marks) and two unknown cubs.


The leopardess was the first to appear at the marking spot; she examined the area and left a scrape and a scent mark that would later be studied by other animals. Later on, she took a rest right in front of the camera trap. On the next day, the spot was visited by Leo 76M, named Manchur. He investigated the female’s message by performing the flehmen response. After this, he left a “reply” and stopped in front of the camera to groom himself.


The last ones to appear near the trail camera were two leopard cubs who were previously unknown to the park experts. The cubs inspected all the marks, but did not leave their own for safety reasons.


“It is a very rare occasion to see so many leopards in such a short time. We found a good site where animals constantly leave their marks. The place has a good view of the valley, which predators like,” said Viktor Storozhuk, an engineer and researcher at Land of the Leopard.


The motion-sensor trail camera is located at the intersection of many animals’ paths. According to the experts, this is one of the most popular spots among leopards living in the park. They come here to examine the area, leave their marks and read the others’ messages.


Land of the Leopard conducts photo monitoring with the support of the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation.