Land of the Leopard trail camera captures seven animal species

Land of the Leopard trail camera captures seven animal species

2 February 2018

A trail camera installed at the top of a hill in Land of the Leopard National Park has captured seven animal species: an Amur tiger family, a herd of sika deer, a golden eagle, a black vulture, two yellow-throated martens, a group of crows and also Valera the Far Eastern leopard (Leo15M). Experts believe that the spotted predator was hunting and his prey might have attracted other animals.


During the daytime, the camera trap recorded two tiger cubs and their mother. Then the place was visited by deer. As night drew nearer, Valera the leopard came to the same place. Experts think the trail camera spotted him before and after a successful hunt. The second video shows Valera resting and licking his lips as if after a hearty dinner.


Although there is no footage of Valera’s prey, experts think that its carcass attracted the vulture, crows, the marten and the word’s largest eagle, the golden eagle.


Viktor Storozhuk, an engineer and researcher at Land of the Leopard, said that it was a rare occasion that so many animals were captured by one trail camera in such a short time. National park researches managed to find a good spot where animals constantly leave their marks. “It is a special place. It has a good view of the valley, which is convenient for predators. Also, the southern slope where the camera is installed gets very warm and there is less snow. Under the site there is a small cave, which makes a good den,” Storozhuk said.

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