Land of the Leopard to be named after Nikolai Vorontsov

Land of the Leopard to be named after Nikolai Vorontsov

15 November 2017

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment approved the initiative of the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation to name the Joint Administration of the Kedrovaya Pad State Biosphere Reserve and Land of the Leopard National Park after Professor Nikolai Vorontsov.


Nikolai Vorontsov (1934-2000) was a doctor of biology, professor and scientist who made a significant contribution to zoology and evolution theory. In the 1970s, he worked in the Russian Far East. He paid special attention to nature reserves. Vorontsov played an active role in expanding the Ussuri Nature Reserve. The scientist also developed biological studies at the oldest reserve in the Far East — Kedrovaya Pad.


“Given the foregoing, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment considers it possible to name Land of the Leopard after Nikolai Vorontsov,” the ministry's letter reads.


“It will be a great honour for us if our protected area is named after such an outstanding scientist and politician,” said Tatyana Baranovskaya, director of Land of the Leopard National Park.


Naming the park after Nikolai Vorontsov will continue Russia's tradition of memorialising eminent scientists and employees of environmental organisations by giving their names to protected areas. In particular, the Lazovsky Nature Reserve in Russia's Far East bears the name of Lev Kaplanov, while the Ussuri Nature Reserve honours Academician Vladimir Komarov. The South Kamchatka Sanctuary is named after Tikhon Shpilyonok, and the Komandorsky Nature Reserve carries the name of Sergei Marakov. The Sikhote-Alin Biosphere Reserve has taken the name of Konstantin Abramov.