Sergei Ivanov: Russia has avoided the threat of rare species’ extinction

Sergei Ivanov: Russia has avoided the threat of rare species’ extinction

16 December 2016

Russia has managed to avoid the threat of extinction of rare animal species in the country, said Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergei Ivanov, Chair of the Far Eastern Leopards Supervisory Board, at a meeting with Azzedine Downes, President and CEO of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), on 16 December. Pamela Anderson, member of the IFAW Consultative Council, also took part in the meeting.


Sergei Ivanov noted the growing international cooperation in protecting animals that cross state borders. “Seeing our efforts to develop parks and nature reserves, the Chinese have started doing the same thing,” Mr Ivanov said, noting that Russia has stepped up its work in this area with Japan too.


Mr Ivanov said that a draft law establishing penalties for cruel treatment of animals is currently before the State Duma. “This law was sitting on the backburner for a long time in the Duma, but it will be passed very soon. It sets new tough penalties for cruel treatment of animals,” Mr Ivanov said. Mr Ivanov noted too that new bylaws and laws considerably toughening penalties for poaching have already been passed. “We have already had court cases now, with real prison sentences handed down,” he said.


In his remarks at the meeting, Mr Downes gave a positive evaluation of Russia’s efforts to preserve biodiversity and the animal world, saying that Russia’s project to protect the Far Eastern tigers has been a success. He also said that there are issues concerning cross-border migration. Animals do not have passports when they cross the border, and the IFAW would not like to see the Russian project’s success jeopardised by the cross-border problem, he explained.


Mr Ivanov thanked Mr Downes and presented the meeting’s participants souvenirs and calendars with photos of leopards.


Mr Ivanov met a year ago with IFAW representatives, briefed them on Russia’s projects to protect the Far Eastern leopard, Amur tiger and other rare animals, and presented Pamela Anderson with a Leopard Keeper certificate.