Rosatom gives name to nameless leopard

Rosatom gives name to nameless leopard

7 October 2015

Another unnamed leopard has been given a name thanks to its keeper. Rosatom, a partner in the presidential programme for the protection of rare animals, has chosen the name ROMA (an abbreviation for “Russian peaceful atom”) for Leo 68M.


Sergei Kiriyenko, the director general of the state nuclear corporation, selected the name on 6 October.


In July 2015, Rosatom announced a vote on a name for the wild cat on social networks (Facebook, VKontakte) and in the Strana Rosatom newspaper. Over 100 names were suggested. The name had to be for a male animal and connected with the nuclear industry.


Among the proposed names were Uran, Lantan, Proton, Pluto, Volt and even Kurcha (in honour of the Soviet physicist Igor Kurchatov), but ROMA came out on top. Lina Kostina suggested the name on 9 July, when the voting was announced. ROMA was “liked” by the majority of social network users and approved by Mr Kiriyenko.