Meet Simba the leopard

Meet Simba the leopard

26 November 2014

Simba can be called a responsible owner of his territory. There are six trail cameras installed in its borders, and the first images of the five-year-old male were taken in 2013 in the central part of the Leopard Land National Park. Today, the national park’s archives have 137 shots of the now adult animal. Many photos feature Simba with his tail raised high, which definitely shows that he is in a decent mood.


Simba clearly knows the boundaries of his land and carefully patrols it, making his claim for the territory. He has his favourite marking spots: for instance, one camera keeps catching him marking the same bush to alert his neighbours that he is not going anywhere. Simba's territory is bordered by that of another Far Eastern leopard, Leo 15M, nicknamed Valera. As there are plenty of hoofed animals inhabiting this area of the park, the two leopards do not need to fight for prey and can coexist in relative peace.

In 2014, the right to name the animal was given to Russian Deputy Prime Minister and  Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev.


Trutnev said that he gladly accepted the offer but asked his three children to choose the name.


“They discussed various suggestions. Yasha was their second choice, but Simba, as in the animated character, won. I sent them the photograph, they chose a name and texted it back to me. I agreed,” Yury Trutnes said.