Korean journalists visit Land of the Leopard

Korean journalists visit Land of the Leopard

24 November 2014

The film crew of the EBS Media Holding from the Republic of Korea, who arrived in Primorye to shoot videos about the territory’s main landmarks, visited Land of the Leopard National Park and walked the main tourist attraction, the Leopard Path.


The foreign journalists sought to visit the national park, a tourist brand of the Primorye Territory, for the opportunity to film the nature of the region in its pristine state. But the Far Eastern leopard, the main inhabitant of this land and the rarest large feline in the world, drew the most attention from the journalists. Some decades ago, Far Eastern leopards inhabited Korea but were hunted to extinction by poachers.


During their walk along the Leopard Path, environmental education expert Yulia Burkova told the journalists about the habits of the local leopards, the work of the national park and the purpose of the feeding zones. The guests were also interested in the trail cameras used to capture the animal’s movements.


“We don’t have leopards anymore, but this animal is very popular in Korea,” said Lee Hyeo Jon, a producer with the EBS crew. “In 1997, the EBS Media Holding made a film about the Far Eastern leopard in the Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, which was then broadcast all around the country. So we knew where we were going. We very much enjoyed the tour. Everything was great.”


The videos about the Primorye Territory will be broadcast on the media holding’s TV channels, and will be later included in a film about the region to be shot in 2015.