Land of the Leopard National Park takes part in All-Russia Science Festival

Land of the Leopard National Park takes part in All-Russia Science Festival

13 October 2014

On 11-12 October, the 4th All-Russia Science Festival took place at Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island in Vladivostok. Land of the Leopard National Park presented its interactive display at the festival.


The park’s stand was featured at the university’s site B, which hosted the main events of the festival, and almost all visitors – hundreds of school students and their parents – had the opportunity to view the park display. The guests were greeted by a volunteer dressed in a leopard costume, with a bright banner saying that a trail camera was recording there. Visitors, who were surprised to find out they had been caught on camera only a couple of seconds ago, had the opportunity to learn about the device and how I worksfrom Yevgenia Soboleva, a research associate of the Leopard Land federal state budgetary institution.


The guests also had the opportunity to take part in a game where they had to say how many leopards were pictured in a series of similar shots. The participants of the game enthusiastically checked the data on the time and location of the shots and also attempted to recognise the leopards by their unique coat patterns as researchers usually do.


Land of the Leopard National Park staff members also presented a programme for children, who were encouraged to match the photos of the Ussuri taiga animals with the cards showing their names.    


This has been the second time the park has featured its programme at the festival, and its display aroused great interest from visitors. “Almost all guests of the festival could see the display, and many took their time to get familiar with it,” Ms Soboleva said.  “There were people who saw photos of the Far Eastern leopard for the first time, and they were surprised to learn these wild cats are found in Primorye. We are positive that our efforts will bring results, as this rare feline has become closer to hundreds of people,” she said.