Meet Meamur the leopard

Meet Meamur the leopard

14 July 2014

This adult male leopard is the sibling of the famous white-pawed Lord whose name was chosen at a national contest. But his brother’s fame does not eclipse his own. Meamur appears in the most recent Land of the Leopard National Park videos that show a male Far Eastern leopard. It was he who was repeatedly captured on camera walking up and down in front of it near the caves in the national park, and it was he that had turned up at the Leopard Path soon after a group of tourists had left.   


Meamur also plays an important role in “Spotted Family – 2,” a reality series that is a joint project of Land of the Leopard and WWF Russia. In the last episode, he was gotten into the shot as the new husband of the film’s main heroine Kedrovka, which means that his fame is certain to last as show creators now expect his cubs to play a major role in the show’s next season.


The privilege to choose a name for this leopard of note was given to an equally notable personality – the Russian rock group Mumiy Troll’s leader Ilya Lagutenko, who comes from the Primorye Territory. He named the leopard Meamur.


Lagutenko explains his choice of the name: “One of our albums was called Meamury. I thought then it was like 'love memoires' (the name is a pun on the Russian words for 'memoire' and 'Eros' – Ed). But then a couple of years ago my daughters picked this name for the stuffed leopards they’d brought as souvenirs from nature reserves in Primorye and South Africa. And we thought Meamur was a very good name for a leopard as it alludes to the Far Eastern leopard and to all big cats, and to Mumiy Troll’s work, which is, in fact, an infinite Song of Primorye.”