Leopard Land National Park takes part in PITE-2014

Leopard Land National Park takes part in PITE-2014

19 May 2014

The Pacific International Tourism Expo (PITE) took place at Far Eastern Federal University’s sports complex from 16 to 18 May. In three days, it was attended by over 10, 000 people.


Leopard Land National Park’s display was located in the centre of the hall, and was part of a wider exhibition dedicated to tourism in Primorye Territory. Visitors could take a photo with the national park’s volunteers – members of the Your Trail movement – who were dressed as tigers and leopards.


In addition, the exhibition hall was equipped with a camera trap of the likes used in the national park to monitor leopards. In three days, the motion-activated camera took around 15,000 photos. The best shots will be put on show at http://www.leopard-land.ru.


Leopard Land’s Chief Environmental Education Specialist Valentina Vysotskaya, who took part in PITE, stressed the importance of participation.


“The exhibition has proved very useful to us in terms of making contacts with environment protection organisations and tour operators,” she said. “Finding common ground with regard to tourism development in the Khasan District is of great importance for us now, and we are certain that the contacts we established at the exhibition will help us succeed in achieving this.”