Foreign guests at Land of the Leopard

Foreign guests at Land of the Leopard

31 October 2013

Foreign guests visited Land of the Leopard National Park as part of the 18th summit for international exchange and cooperation between regional administrations of Northeast Asian countries on October 31.


The summit was attended by five delegations – from the Primorye Territory (Russia), Kangwon Province (the Republic of Korea), Jilin Province (China), Tottori Prefecture (Japan) and Central Aimak (Mongolia). Such meetings have been regularly held since 1994 to promote regional economic cooperation between territories of Northeast Asian countries, deepen mutual understanding and strengthen friendship.


This year participants discussed new prospects for tourism as part of the broader economic and cultural cooperation between regions of Northeast Asia. On the second day of the summit, representatives of foreign environmental protection departments, accompanied by cameras and interpreters, visited Land of the Leopard National Park. The Land of the Leopard Department of Science and Ecological Education organised a tour of a new route through the park created as part of a programme to develop ecotourism.


The route includes the Barbashevskaya feeding grounds established in August 2013. Land of the Leopard Park research fellow Anton Ganzevich explained to the visitors what technical measures are taken in such areas and why. Photo and video traps have been installed recently, which have recorded hoofed animals at feeding grounds multiple times. Eventually one of them captured a Far Eastern leopard on film.