Land of the Leopard National Park at All-Russia Science Festival 2013

Land of the Leopard National Park at All-Russia Science Festival 2013

12 October 2013

On 12 October 2013, the 3rd All-Russia Science Festival opened on Russky Island in Vladivostok. Employees of the science department at Land of the Leopard National Park Dina Matyukhina and Anna Shcheblykina told visitors about research projects being implemented at the national park, various methods for monitoring the leopard population, and how specific research results can help preserve this animal species.


The national park's display included five information stands providing an insight into Land of the Leopard National Park and the work of its animal protection, science and environmental education departments. The display, of course, also provided extensive data on the Far Eastern leopard. Moreover, visitors were able to learn how to register leopards using camera traps.


"Festival guests were extremely interested in stories about the national park, the leopard and research projects," Dina Matyukhina said. "Some of them have never heard about the national park before and some people have already visited us, even having participated in the Name a Leopard competition."


It appears that Professor Qin Lidong from the Chinese Philosophy Department at the Far Eastern Federal University was the most inquisitive visitor. He asked extremely detailed questions about the work of the national park's employees, about research projects and about leopards and tigers. He also examined the stands with a dictionary in hand. Anna and Dina explained that Land of the Leopard National Park actively expanded cooperation with Chinese colleagues, and that its experts were conducting joint research both in Russia and China.


"The Science Festival brings together dedicated people who want to learn something new, including scientists, university professors, students and schoolchildren with their parents," Anna Shcheblykina noted. "I am confident that the Science Festival will hold a respectable place on the list of annual events attended by Land of the Leopard National Park."