Youth Day at Land of the Leopard National Park

Youth Day at Land of the Leopard National Park

4 July 2013

On June 29, the next in a series of volunteer events was held in the village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye, Primorye Territory, this time marking Youth Day.


The staff and volunteers of Land of the Leopard handed out leaflets with information about the national park and orange balloons. The park’s employees talked about the significance of the national park regarding the preservation of one of the world’s rarest cats: the Far Eastern leopard. At the same time, face-painting artists were on hand to turn anyone who was interested into a spotted cat. In total, 400 leaflets were handed out, 56 children and 12 adults were made up.


“Campaigns like these attract public attention to the problem of Far Eastern leopard protection and the preservation of the biodiversity of our land,” said Lyudmila Kolyagina, Chairwoman of the Sanitary and Environmental Inspectorate of the Nadezhdinsky District.

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